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Webinar: How to align people, purpose and performance

Are your L&D efforts aligning with your skills development goals?

Watch experts Teresa Rose, award-winning learning and performance consultant and founder of ConsultHer, Joe Hill-Wilson, Chief Commercial Officer at Learn Amp and Gavin Woods, Managing Director at Aurion Learning to discover how to align people, purpose and performance across your organisation.

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The image shows a young woman with curly hair and glasses, smiling broadly while working on a laptop. She's wearing a cozy-looking orange sweater and appears to be in a home office or comfortable living space. There's a plant visible in the foreground, and a window with curtains in the background, suggesting a well-lit, pleasant work environment. On the desk, you can see a smartphone with a yellow case next to the laptop. The woman's posture and expression convey a sense of enjoyment or satisfaction with her work. This scene represents a typical modern remote working or studying setup, emphasizing comfort, technology, and a positive attitude towards the task at hand.

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