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Embracing accessible eLearning: a pathway to inclusivity

Posted on the April 23rd, 2024

The image shows a woman working at a desk with a laptop. She is wearing a striped button-up shirt, glasses, and headphones. Her hair is styled in a bun. She appears to be smiling and writing something with a pen while looking at her laptop screen. The setting seems to be an office or home workspace with a clean, bright background. The woman looks engaged and happy in her work.
Two mobile devices showing the ‘Buildings for Everyone’ eLearning module, developed for NDA for Aurion Learning, showcasing the Central Bank of Ireland’s award-winning Dockland Campus.
An infographic with five circles and icons outlining the Aurion High5 accessible design framework, The five circles and icons highlight Aurion High5's five key benefits - accessbility, mobile experience, control, flexibility and future-readiness.

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