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Accessible Learning Checklist

Is your learning content truly accessible to all learners?

With the European Accessibility Act (EAA) deadline approaching on 28 June 2025, now is the perfect time to ensure your learning content and products are up to date.

Ensuring your learning content is accessible isn't just about compliance; it's about providing every learner with the chance to succeed without barriers.

This checklist has been created following accessibility best practices and web writing standards. It will help you make your content inclusive and engaging for all learners, ensuring your materials and products meet EAA compliance standards for use within the EU and that you are providing the best learning experience for your users.

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The image shows a smiling person wearing a yellow shirt, holding a smartphone that displays information about universal design and accessible learning. The person appears to be presenting or demonstrating an educational website or app focused on accessibility and inclusive design principles. The overall image conveys a positive, engaging vibe around the topics of accessible technology and learning resources for people of all abilities.

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