Border Lives


Border Lives is a storytelling project, capturing local people's lives and experiences through six short films along the border region during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The initiative run by Tyrone Donegal Partnership and funded by the European Union's PEACE III Programme appointed Aurion Learning to help create a suite of interactive online learning resources to educate others on life in the border regions.


To complement and enhance the Border Lives project, Aurion Learning developed a number of eLearning modules and storytelling resources that are used as a training resource as part of a wider blended learning approach.

Our main aim was to create a learning experience that users of all technical capabilities will be comfortable using and will respond to well.

The eLearning modules are based on storytelling, reconciliation, renewal, reconstruction and restart, reference and include video clips captured by the Border Lives team.

In addition to interactive content and knowledge quizzes, the modules focus on principles and tools related to narrative and conflict resolution.


Border Lives was officially launched at Stormont in Belfast. The initiative has helped educate and explore an understanding of the troubles in Northern Ireland.