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Aurion High5

Elevate your learning content with Aurion High5

Discover Aurion High5, our innovative design framework for creating custom eLearning content that is fully accessible, fully mobile and future-ready.

Fully accessible

Designed to meet the highest accessibility standards, making learning inclusive for everyone.


Fully responsive content for all devices. Designed with mobile in mind to give a great learning experience on any screen.


Built with scalable web technologies, keeping your learning content future-ready and cutting-edge.

Aurion High5 is benefitting organisations globally

The Aurion High5 difference

We use High5 to elevate your custom content solutions in 5 key ways:

  • Accessibility

    Maximising inclusion through robust accessibility standards and testing.
  • Mobile experience

    Providing a seamless learning experience across all devices.
  • Control

    Customisable learning design to fully reflect your vision and brand.
  • Flexibility

    Seamless delivery of eLearning content via the web or any LMS.
  • Future-readiness

    Leverage modern web technologies to futureproof your content.
Two tablets and a phone screen displaying eLearning content, showcasing custom eLearning solutions developed by Aurion Learning to help achieve learning goals.
This image shows three smartphone screens displaying different sections of a suicide prevention and mental health support app or training programme.

Feature Spotlight: Accessibility above standard.

Broaden your reach and impact by giving all learners the ability to unlock their learning potential. Aurion High5 ensures accessibility where others only claim it. 
Close adherence to accessibility standards and robust testing ensures compliance and peace of mind. (Level AA WCAG 2.1 and Section 508) 

The image shows a smiling person wearing a yellow shirt, holding a smartphone that displays information about universal design and accessible learning. The person appears to be presenting or demonstrating an educational website or app focused on accessibility and inclusive design principles. The overall image conveys a positive, engaging vibe around the topics of accessible technology and learning resources for people of all abilities.

Aurion High5 elevating expectations

Setting the standard for excellence and success.

A person holding a mobile device engaging with an eLearning module developed for a diversity and inclusion project.

Aurion's step-by-step methodology ensured the project progressed smoothly, with close collaboration with their team throughout. We have recently commenced a new eLearning project with Aurion Learning and look forward to continued collaboration with them.

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Ruth O’Reilly Senior Built Environment Design Advisor, Centre for Excellence at the National Disability Authority

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