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Case Study

National Disability Authority (NDA)

This image depicts a waterfront cityscape. In the foreground is a river. On the far side of the water are several modern buildings of varying architectural styles. On the right is a large, distinctively-shaped building with a textured facade, possibly made of stone or concrete. To the left are more modern glass and steel structures, including one with an unusual curved or slanted roof. In the center, contrasting with the modern architecture, is a row of older brick buildings with a more traditional design, possibly historic structures that have been preserved amidst newer development. The sky is mostly clear with a few wispy clouds, giving the scene a bright, open feel. This appears to be a mix of modern urban development alongside preserved historic architecture in a waterfront setting.
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Aurion's step-by-step methodology ensured the project progressed smoothly, with close collaboration with their team throughout. We have recently commenced a new eLearning project with Aurion Learning and look forward to continued collaboration with them.

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Ruth O’Reilly Senior Built Environment Design Advisor, Centre for Excellence at the National Disability Authority

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