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NHS Education for Scotland

E-Learning Resources

Project brief/Challenge:

Development of a range of online learning content types to meet the specific needs of NES practice development teams. Working with NES to deliver appropriate and engaging learning materials, in a wide range of specialist subject areas.

Our solution:

  • Design and development of a suite of engaging e-learning programmes in areas such as Adverse Drug Reactions, Complaints Investigation Skills, Smoking Cessation and Breastfeeding Awareness.
  • Design and development of engaging online portals and workplace learning activities for areas such as Nursing in the Community, Palliative and End of Life Care, and Effective Practitioner.
  • Delivery of capacity building services and training for teams such as NES Dentistry.

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Client says

“Although this was a difficult programme to develop, having to meet the needs of a range of healthcare professionals, Aurion were able to assist us in developing and arranging the materials in a way that allowed practitioners to use the resource in a flexible manner dependent on their prior knowledge and experience.”

Anne Watson, Assistant Director of Pharmacy, NES

Example of programme 1 Example of programme 2