Design, build and deliver eLearning in-house

Our capacity building services support you to develop your own online learning that is both visually appealing and educationally effective.

Whether you are a training company or an in-house learning and development team looking to add or enhance eLearning skills, we can provide a tailored capacity building bundle that’s right for you.

We can scale our approach to meet the needs of the most complex internal development projects, providing the exact type and level of support for the challenge at hand.

Our core capacity building bundle incorporates the following:

Instructional design training
How to re-wire the training mind-set for what works online.
Authoring tool training
Showing you how to use the latest development tools and techniques.
Reusable eLearning course templates
High quality design templates that give you the attractive, consistent eLearning you crave.
Content style guide
Documenting your in-house approach and guidelines.
Content author support
Help and support along your eLearning journey or access further training in areas like learning scenario design.

Whether you are getting started or looking to take your course design to the next level, our capacity building services can help.