Action for Children is a national charity that supports some of the most vulnerable and neglected children and young people across the UK.

Changes to branding at Action for Children and advances in learning styles and technologies meant that the charity wanted to refresh and enhance its eLearning offering for staff and volunteers.

In addition, they wanted to:


Working collaboratively with the wider Resourcing and Talent team, we provided a customised capacity building bundle of training and support services that equipped Action for Children with everything they needed to develop their own eLearning programmes in-house. This included:

We also deployed the cloud-based SaaS learning management system, LearnUpon, to meet Action for Children’s reporting and tracking requirements for both staff and volunteers.


Action for Children staff and volunteers now have easy access to the necessary training and resources, while the wider HR team are able to track and report on all learning activities with increased efficiency.

In line with their new branding, Action for Children are now able to produce a wide-range of training and resources in-house using their bespoke eLearning course template.

The Resourcing and Talent team are delighted that the new courses accurately reflect the brand and voice of the organisation. Tracking and evaluation are on-going.

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